with an Italian design and a strong international vocation.

SPC floors with wood effect and more,
with an Italian design and a strong international vocation.





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How is an SPC floor made?

The SPC floor by WALLK is composed of five well-defined layers, let's discover them together:

UV Treatment

The company applies an UV surface treatment that provides greater benefits during cleaning and guarantees a longer life.

Protective wear layer

This transparent layer protects the decorated surface part of the floor and creates a highly authentic embossing effect.

Decorative layer

We offer a wide range of graphic effects that allows to create an unique look for any type of environment.

SPC body

It guarantees to the floor a greater acoustic insulation and a pleasant walking sensation.


Core of the stave made of high quality extruded calcium carbonate, with the addition of vinyl material that make it rigid, resistant and dimensionally stable.

The advantages

The advantages of SPC flooring are multiple; they're waterproof, fireproof, light weight and can be installed with a click even on existing floors, without having to demolish or remove them.

How do the ELEMENTS geometries present themselves?

The ELEMENTS geometries are proposed in pre-assembled mosaic sheets with variable dimensions and with a grout of about 2mm,to make them groutable and therefore waterproof, which is why they are also recommended for installation in wet environments such as the bathroom.

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